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Qualifications Held by our Trainers

  • PDA in Internal Verification of Workplace Assessment at Level 8.
  • Level 3 NVQ in Hairdressing.
  • Level 4 NVQ in Hairdressing.
  • Higher National Certificate Hairdressing & Salon Organisation.
  • Higher National Diploma in Trichology.
  • Assessor Verifier Award and D32.


We do this at SW Hair Training Academy and anyone is welcome – Even if you haven’t worked in the industry before. We do training in 6 Methods including Micro ring hair extensions.

Russian Human Hair Extensions Supplier

A leading UK based business dedicated to sourcing, importing and distributing high quality 100% Russian Human Hair Extensions at great prices.  We supply distributors, salons and hair extensionists across the UK and Internationally.  Genuine Russian human hair extensions are not easily accessible on the open market, so you can be assured you are receiving something truly special when you use our products. 

Although we have been fitting hair extensions for well over 30 years, it is during the last 15 years that we decided to become more involved in all aspects of hair extensions on a full time basis.  We have invested a lot of time and research in sourcing high quality Pure Russian human hair, and we use only reliable factories which can meet the high standards of quality we demand.

Why use SW Hair Extensions for your Russian hair extensions?

  • We have a passion for hair extensions and only source great quality Russian hair for our clients.
  • We want our wefts and bonds to last, so only supply extensions made from premium hair.
  • We also manufacture quality extensions in-house — for over 15 years we have produced bonded premium hair using our Italian Keratin glue, colour mixes and blending for high end clients, together with Russian hair that is wefted (hand tied) by our expert technicians.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed — we provide a personalised service and over our many years in the hair extension industry have developed a reputation for excellence.  Our Russian Hair contains, perhaps, the highest quality Russian hair available on the open market 

All of our Russian hair is 100% genuine Russian, 100% tangle & shed free, 100% Russian Hair and lasts over 2 years, darker colours can last over 5 years! Our wefts have the smallest beard size on the market at only 1.5cm. Perfect for the Micro Weft, Micro Weave techniques and clips can be attached to create Clip Ins.

This hair will create a natural blend with natural movements. Vibrant colours available, including bleach blonde.

Our Russian Mini Bonds. So small almost invisible!! Long lasting Russian hair. These are smaller, flatter, and lighter. Extremely comfortable to wear.

One of the most common questions from clients that have been “shopping” around for Russian hair extensions is “How do I know that I am being sold real Russian hair”.

So many say they offer Russian hair BUT they don’t and short of doing a DNA test to determine the origin of the hair, there is no way to be 100% certain. However, if you know what to look for there are a few clues which can help to identify the Chinese and Indian hair masquerading as Russian. 

This hair is collected in individual ponytails such that all the cuticles are facing the same direction from root to end. This ensures that the hair does not tangle or matt and will behave exactly like your natural looking hair.

How to Identify Real Russian Hair?

It is also helpful to know what to look for when handling Russian hair. Clients often ask why our hair is less shiny than the hair they have seen elsewhere. While shiny hair compared to normal scalp hair may impart a feeling of quality and be construed for Russian hair, it shouldn’t. Shiny hair simply means that the hair has been covered with a silicone layer. This gives it a simulated healthy look and while in the beginning the hair seems shiny and beautiful, after a few washes the silicone layer starts to wash away and the colour fades leaving the hair with a dull matt appearance.

100% human hair which is NOT REMY is cheaper, but is coated with silicone, which creates the illusion of silky great quality hair, but you will find that after a few washes you will see the poor quality, tangling and will deteriorate quickly. This will cost you more money in the long run.

However our  Remy Human hair has its cuticles aligned creating soft luscious hair  you can wash it many times without the loss of quality with a longer lifespan it will work out more cost effective. You will appreciate the natural texture of this hair.




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